Why AMAX Ceramic?

Hi-quality standards.

Attractive and strong packing.

Value for money products.

Quick delivery and
Reliable shipping.

Transparent business and Flexible payment system.

Long lasting support up to customers warehouse.

Wide range of designs
and colors.

Hustle & Error free

Shipment tracking
reports by email.

Amax Ceramic's Ethics

Amax ceramic stands on three pillars of business. These three business pillars make Amax ceramic the most successful tiles exporter in India.

A Modern Approach

Our skilled workforce produces high-quality tiles for retail and wholesale distribution with state-of-the-art machinery and committed innovation. Embrace the future with India's number one Porcelain tile Manufacturer and Exporter.

Our Tiles Make a Statement

Add value to your home with our diverse range of tiles that are suitable for any budget. Please choose from our vast selection of Porcelain Slab Tiles or our big range of Natural Stone Tiles for a more contemporary touch to your Home or Office.

The Best Prices

Keeping up with the global market means we need to offer competitive pricing, So we work hard every day to ensure we're giving you the best deal possible. Please browse through the our catalogs today and find out what suits your home best!

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