Best Parking Tiles Designs Pattern Collections

Parking tiles are an essential component of every parking lot, but finding the perfect parking tiles designs pattern for your space can be a tedious process. You’re often left with a mismatch or a disappointing design that doesn’t fit your brand’s image.

We’ve created 1200+ parking tiles designs pattern to help you build your dream parking space. We’re constantly upgrading our tiles design to provide the latest design trends and styles.

Plus, we have many different color options, so you’ll never get bored with the look of your parking lot. Let’s convert that dead space into something beautiful! We offer a variety of brand-relevant designs that fit any aesthetic, from elegant and decadent to vibrant and modern.

We offer the newest and most unique designs of parking tiles, which come in different sizes, surfaces, and colors. We offer parking tiles in two sizes, 12×12 parking tiles, and 16×16 parking tiles.

Latest Parking Tiles Designs Pattern with different color options. we provide a wide range of collections of 12x12 and 16x16 parking tiles.
Latest Parking Tiles Designs Collections

12×12 Parking Tiles Design Collection

These 12×12 parking tiles are the oldest tiles and most famous parking tiles too. 12×12 inch Parking Tiles come in two different kinds of tiles.

  • Ordinary Parking Tiles design
  • Digital Parking Tiles design

12×12 Ordinary Parking Tiles Designs

Ordinary parking tiles come in two color options: Ivory and terracotta. These are non-digital and non-printed parking tiles.


12×12 Digital Parking Tiles Designs

Digital parking tiles, as the name suggests, digitally print any design on them. This has many benefits, such as customizing your parking tile with any color option! Digital parking tiles are available in eight colors: blue, green, orange, black, white, yellow, cyan, and gray. A high-resolution digital printer prints these digital parking tiles.


16×16 Parking Tiles Design Collection

16×16 parking tiles are heavy-duty, vitrified tiles which means they are stronger and more durable than 12×12 tiles. 16×16 parking tiles also use a digital printer to provide various design patterns.

16×16 Parking Tiles design collection

Amax Ceramics’ website provides the perfect solution for this problem; our website offers 1200+ parking tiles designs photos to our customers to find their dream tiles.! That way, you can easily find the latest parking tiles design that perfectly suits your needs.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in design and maintain an unlimited color scheme for space. Shopping for parking tiles from Amax Ceramics is easy, convenient, and trustworthy.

Parking Tiles Size Chart

Tiles come in different sizes, and it is essential to understand the exact measurements of the tile. Tile size can be measured in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), inches, and feet. The most common tile size unit is inch like 12×12 inch parking tiles and 16×16 inch parking tiles.

Size in MMSize in CMSize in InchSize in Feet
300×300 mm30×30 cm12×12 inch1×1 feet
400×400 mm40×40 cm16×16 inch1.33×1.33 feet